Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Planned outfit for Lookbook

I'm new to Lookbook.nu and have yet to post a look. With a little snooping around ZARA.com and other lookbookers' looks, I've put together a simple spring-summer ensemble consisting of the following items: 

#1 ZARA TRF T-shirt in White

#2 ZARA Jersey blazer in White

#3 ZARA Printed trousers

#4 ZARA TRF Cropped printed trousers

#5 ZARA TRF Cropped twill trousers in Mint

#6 ZARA Basic sandal in Black

#7 ZARA Twill capri pants in Black

#8 ZARA Printed trousers

All images courtesy of ZARA.com

So it's the white blazer and white shirt and I will have to choose one of the pants. I plan to keep the top white and very simple while all the busy prints or colours gather at the bottom. The only way to know what suits me best is to try them on. I am rather worried that some pants would be too long for me as I'm petite so we'll just have to see. Can't wait to drop by Zara later today. 

This is a total change for me to incorporate light colours and whites in to my style. I usually dress in black or dark colours (especially on the top) and it has always been easy to pull off. We shall see if I can finally dress in white.