Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bombs in the Tub

I was just randomly thinking of bathtubs...and bath bombs.

Tub design: G.P. Benedini/ Location: Toronto/ Image from Photo credit: William Waldron

Tub design: Studio Peregalli/ Location: London/ Image from Photo credit: Roger Davies 

Tub design: Waterworks/ Location: Sonoma County, California/ Image from Photo credit: Grey Crawford

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Unlike showers, baths are slow, relaxing and can be transformed into a small "spa" treat should you choose to add any essential oils or bath salts to it. Or perhaps, bombs...

"Dragon's Egg"
Image from This one's named "Sex Bomb"

If I had a bath tub, I'd use a bath bomb daily just because it's so funny to look at. You drop it in your bath and let it fizz and roll around, releasing lovely aromas and colouring the water. It will keep rolling around until it is completely dissolved. Some bath bombs even have glitter and confetti (but you risk getting those stuck on you, ha ha).

I wish I had a bath tub and an arsenal of (bath) bombs.

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