Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: Biore Cleansing Oil vs Origins Clean Energy

Tired of my existing makeup remover (because you need cotton pads to use it and I ran outta them), I looked online for help and found out about Biore's much raved about cleansing oil. We used to think that applying oil-based products on our face would clog pores and make our skin oily but now everyone's discovering the wonders of oil on our skin. One of these wonders is that oil cleanses and removes makeup! (Think back to that time when your makeup started to run when your face became oily)

"Biore's Perfect Oil" as it says, is a cleansing oil used to remove makeup. As with most cleansing oils out there, it says to apply the oil to dry skin but Biore's can be used on already wet skin (read: in the shower!). I went over to Jusco's pharmacy and grabbed a bottle of this. Don't remember the price but it was around RM20+. I figured it was cheaper than the average bottle of cleansing oil and it did say it was "Japan's No.1 makeup remover" so I gave in and bought a bottle.

It works alright in the shower. Took me at least 2 pumps to remove eye makeup including waterproof mascara. The oil was fragrant with a fruity grape/ apple kinda smell. Though unnecessary, the fruity smell did not harm my skin and served well to perk me up when I'm all tired, removing my makeup at the end of the day.

This cleansing oil, like all other oils, works better when applied to dry skin, in my opinion. Took seconds for eyeliner to dissolve and melt away while waterproof mascara took a little more oil to work off.

Pros: Cheaper than most brands; nice fruity fragrance; works in the shower and even better on dry skin

Cons: Sometimes stings when comes into contact with eyes- probably because of the fragrance? (so cleanse one eye at a time, keeping one open and the other with the oil closed); a little more liquid than some other oils; leaves face with slight oiliness (but you will probably use a face wash right after so it's ok); contrary to Biore's product description, this oil emulsifies immediately after contact with water. Contains mineral oil as a base ingredient and it may be breaking me out!

I've used a different cleansing oil from Origins called "Clean Energy" which worked much better than Biore's but it's my mum's and she paid lots more for it.

Using Clean Energy was my first encounter with cleansing oils and it was amazing. The oil was thicker than Biore's and just a teeny bit managed to remove most of my makeup. With waterproof mascara, I applied the oil directly to my lashes and rubbed on them gently and rinsed. That's all it took to leave me with a clean, smooth face. The oil left no residue on my skin and the emulsion washed off well. Unlike Biore's, this oil has little or no fragrance and I'm totally fine with that. It also does not sting eyes which is a huge plus.

Pros: Cleans thoroughly leaving no oily residue; thick, so less has to be used; gentle on eyes

Cons: Price- RM 88

I may consider buying Biore's cleansing oil again or maybe try a different brand. Or perhaps get a bottle of Clean Energy as it's still *affordable.

Edit: I have stopped using Biore for now to see if it has been breaking me out lately. I'll be using Origins' Clean Energy.

*If I save up or beg for one, haha


  1. Thanks for the review! The Origins cleansing oil sounds so good. I must check it out sometime!

  2. great review! hmm, I'm prone to breaking out easily so maybe I should stay away from Biore too

    Jennifer & Sherry

  3. Hello Jen & Sherry, thanks for coming by! :)

  4. thanks for the review! i never liked biore's cleansing oil though =( i might try origins even though the price is pretty steep =(

  5. The Biore one is by far my fav cleansing oil. Actually I love it so much and have been begging my friends to bring it back from Hong Kong every now and then. I have used probably more than 10 bottles and I just love everything about it. The fact that it could be used in showers, cleanses so well, the smell.. idk what am I going to do without it! But after reading your review for Clean Energy, I might try it haha thanks for the review! it's a great one!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I kinda want to try it our now cause it's affordable!

  7. My all time favourite cleansing oil is DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil. Perhaps you'd like to give it a try? =D

    And thank you so much for translating furomaaju for me =D