Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tokyo Fashion Trends this Summer

I don't follow Japanese fashion trends much because I'm particularly lazy to but I love reading about them and looking at the multitude of pictures I can find online.

A particular site that I really enjoy visiting is Style-arena, Japan. This site focuses a lot on the weekly street styles spotted around Tokyo. These street snapshots are divided between the 5 fashionable districts of Tokyo- Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Omotesando and Daikanyama. I'm guessing a photographer would snap pictures of a particular random person and interview them briefly. Instant fame! Readers can then vote on their favourite photos and photos with high number of votes may entitle the person in the photo to a "premier" status on the site (which equals a photo shoot and a longer interview). For that, check out the Premier Style tab.

Alrighty, here are some trends from the pictures that I compiled:

#1- Strappy's the way to go

Strappy sandals, gladiator flats, lace up platforms- anything with straps! Many neutral shades, natural browns and blacks.

#2- Prints, flowy chiffon tops, florals still in

Everyone knows of the floral dress/ top + denim jacket/ shorts + Kago bag (straw bag) trend that hit Japan in April/ May. Well, you can still see people wearing this trend very well on the streets. Light, flowy chiffon tops are popular and dresses/ T-shirts with bold, colourful prints are making their way in.

#3- Straw hats, berets

Some still following the April/May trend with the denim and floral prints can be spotted wearing straw hats too. These straw hats compliment almost any dress or feminine top. Messenger caps and berets can be spotted too. Many of the guys spotted choose to wear fedoras.

#4- Geek Chic glasses (I love!)

Like 99% of the Japanese people spotted who wore glasses ALL wore geek chic ones! Popular among the guys too. I notice many college and university students wearing glasses with these frames too- particularly the Indonesians and Koreans here in Malaysia. I'm happy to say that I'd be getting a pair! Still waiting to collect them from the optometrist, heh. I'm not getting a pair to follow the trend however chic it may seem to be but I got them because they flattered my face shape and suited me perfectly. My mum thinks so :D (I know, big deal, lol)

All image cut outs taken from Style-arena.jp


  1. I'm wearing nerdy specs too! So I'm a "fashionista" as well!HAHA Just kidding.

  2. so nice to be a 4 season country.. got season clothings =)

  3. @jfook: omg awesome! Was at the mall and I saw a number of people wearing geek chic glasses!

    @ken: I know, having 4 seasons makes it much more fun to dress up. Here in M'sia all we have is summer, eh x__x

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