Monday, October 4, 2010

Japan Part 1 ♥

Ah, a much awaited blog post after taking way too long off posting.

On September 15, we flew off to Tokyo with my dad and his colleagues. Our group was just nice with 25 people. The day we left, I had such a hard time thinking of what clothes to bring, I brought almost the entire wardrobe and came back with only a few pieces worn, eeesh!

Oh and pardon the lack of pictures! I didn't have my own camera with me as I have...NONE. My dad brought back this huge-ass Nikon DSLR from the office and my lil' bro used that to take most of the pics- which isn't a lot either.

Spent the night on board a Boeing 777 and sat next to this guy named Sato. We spoke in Japanese (I was having a fairly tough time keeping up but managed to keep the conversation going :D) and he's been staying in Cameron Highlands for 6 months every Winter and 4 months every Summer; for the past 9 years! He says there's a fair number of Japanese staying in the apartment building he stays in and that they all love the cool weather contrary to Japan's harsh Winters and rather hot Summers.


#1 Bye bye Narita airport.

#2 I believe this is the Fuji Television Network building. D:

#3 LOL my brother spotted this teeny tiny duck in the river. I wish we had ducks in our city rivers here but they'd probably die either from being caught and slaughtered or swimming in polluted water...


#5 On our way to Hakone, the bus made a stop at a highway rest area and the convenience store there was HUGE. There was an amazing selection of food- sushi, bento, yakisoba, sandwiches, salads, cold cuts, boiled eggs, breads etc. Great variety for a convenience store. There was even softcore porn magazines, hahaha, but we didn't take pics.

#6 A Japanese convenience store would not be a Japanese convenience store if it didn't have cup noodles. Behold, the cup noodles in all their glory.

#7 Below are potato sticks in cups! I see Pringles :P

#8 Assortment of candies and gummies :D

#9 Ohmygoshlookatallthedrinksi'mgonnadie.

After the stop, we proceeded to Hakone, a town in Kanagawa that is famous for its hot spring resorts. We first went to Lake Ashi for lunch and I will write more about that in Part 2. :P

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