Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Run #1: Forward a step at a time?

So I've registered to run Standard Chartered KL Marathon's 10km race in the "speed" category (cut-off time is at 75 minutes). I initially decided on the half-marathon (21km) thinking since it's about the same distance as the Viper Challenge and I had originally intended to go for the VC (but it's filled up now), why not run a half to make up for it? That was until I saw what training for a half would be like. Half-marathon training plans for beginner runners were ample online but most recommended that you already have some experience running races (5km, 10km) or that you're already clocking in some decent mileage from weekly runs. I had neither. I would be more experienced in the gym but am completely new to running outdoors so I figured training for a 10km race would be easier to transition into; especially given my current fitness level and how much more of a beating my body would take if I pushed too hard training for a long-distance run. Last thing I'd want is a major injury.

Now that's out of the way, I'm proud to say I've began training today! The event is on Oct 12, which gives me about 20 weeks worth of training. I'm aiming for a good time on the 10km so the more time to train, the better prepared I'd be come d-day (at least that's the plan!). It was my first run outdoors in almost a decade so I was ill-prepared when it came to tracking the run but I am hoping to find a good watch soon. I ran in my first new pair of 2XU compression tights and they were so comfortable (and looked amazing)! I've worked out in compression gear before but most were uncomfortably tight and bunched in places. Seeing how expensive these tights are (AUD140 but Malaysian retail is atrociously marked-up) I am hoping I'll get a lot of use off them and that they'll last a while.
They come in a number of variants (where the decals are coloured but tights remain black) but I opted for black on black, as pictured above. 
A lazy screenshot of the route via MapMyRun

I ran around my residential area which also happens to be where Charles, a classmate from high school, resides. So we met outside my place and ran from there. We ran-walked for a little over an hour and covered most of the hilly and sloped roads, with a total distance of around 6.7–7km. Running on road is definitely a lot tougher than on the treadmill but the challenging terrain made it very enjoyable. A pre-run warm-up ensured I didn't cramp up so I'm definitely sticking to the same warm-up routine (Youtubed one just prior to the run & it turned out to be magical).

So yeah I guess that's about it for now.

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