Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pampered pooches

Nowadays it is not uncommon to see ladies in and around Asia donning toy pooches that they pamper, dress and even bling. I would say the trend picked up its pace when fashionable ladies and celebs in countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan began adding a new accessory to their everyday do- toy pooches. A good reference from the West would be Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell, her pet Chihuahua.

Ms. Hilton even carries Tinkerbell like she would a clutch! As such, Tinkerbell makes the perfect "accessory" to complete Ms. Hilton's look dontcha think?!

But of course, Tinkerbell is not just some "accessory", she's of course, family. Tinkerbell Hilton even has her own book published and you can get it on (if you're totally batshit crazy, that is lol)

Tinkerbell does look really flirty...and Paris looks...a little crazy. Sorry, Paris. Tinkerbell outshines you on this one.

Coming back to Asians, this whole toy dog thing has really taken over the streets of Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some would even say KL and Singapore.

From fashionistas in their LV/ Dior/ Chanel/ Gucci/ Fendi sunglasses donning toy dogs in designer outfits like Burberry, to even the market Aunties in their shorts and slippers, a pampered toy pooch is something they have in common.

A spoof on Burberry dog coats, this is Furberry

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Dog Bag

So you have a lotta money to spend. You buy the cutest pooch money can buy. You give it dog manicures, you buy it a Burberry collar and a matching coat, you feed it caviar. Then you buy another pooch so the first one won't get lonely. When will this cycle end? Never. It's addictive.

Enter the world of the Pampered Pooches.

PawsPaws Urban Retreat, a posh pet hotel in Sydney, Australia. Your pooches will get manicures, belly rubs and a personal nanny. Forget the dogs, I want in!

In Tokyo, you will find a variety of Gourmet Dog Cafes and Bakeries to ensure your dog only gets the finest in life- just like its owner.

There are also dog boutiques where your pooch can play dress-up.

If you don't have a dog, never ever step foot in any of these stores. They will make you want a toy dog really badly.

Dog onsen (hot springs) in Japan where your dog can relax after a stressful day.

Fido's dog house? So yesterday.

Enter: The Dog Mansion

These can cost between $900- $100,000 each! Holy...

Which looks nicer? I would say the dog's because it has a nice lawn xP

Having pet toy dogs is also common among famous asian models like Janice Man & Angelababy from HK and Nozomi Sasaki from Japan.

Janice and her toy poodle

Nozomi and her chihuahua and toy poodles (<- clicky)

If pampering their pooches ain't enough, Japanese dog owners can now get their hands on a dog translator too- Tomy's "Bowlingual voice" (I hope this comes to Malaysia! :D) I was gonna say "so I can use it on my turtles but I realized that turtles don't make any sounds...FTL.

All this dog pampering makes me glad I chose a no-frills pet...

Peggle :D

Nah I still want a toy poodle puppy. T__T


  1. u r extremely awesome sweetie, I love ur entries. Looking forward to new ones~

  2. Lol! I feel like wanna live in one of the dog mansion. :D

  3. dblchin: Thanks! Your posts make me laugh haha :P And thanks for following! :D

    Lindy: Yea! Me too, I saw the inside of one...damn big, ok *____*

  4. aww.. awesome post!! Makes me wish i was a rich poodle :(

  5. Cereal: I know, eh! Being a cute lil dog, pampered daily and stuff. In Japan they feed the dogs lobsters too. ><