Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Malaysian Drivers

I have lost all faith in the majority of Malaysian drivers.


I was driving back from university this evening and got caught in the infamous "rush-hour" traffic jam on the Federal Highway. There, I experienced the wrath of the many types of Malaysian drivers and that proves Malaysia really can "Boleh".

From what I can observe, there are these types of Malaysian drivers:

#1- The No-Signal

Whatever this person does, he will never signal when he's changing lanes or making turns. He assumes you see him and will expect you to give way.

#2- The Diehard

Beware of this one. Very stupid, very impatient and very daring. Not a good combo.

When in a traffic jam, Die Hard finds every way to get out.

#3- The No-Give-Way (a.k.a The Kiasu)

This one gets on my nerves. When you signal to show that you want to switch lanes, he should ideally slow down and let you in but he doesn't. Instead, he speeds up! Just to make sure you have zero chance of getting into his lane. (This one, die also won't let you in)
I waited for 5 mins next to him, signaling, slowly nudging my way in because the gap was getting bigger and bigger BUT in the last second, he sped up to block me out. (Mr. No-Give-Way who drives a Proton, you won't give way b/c you jealous of my Toyota, ah? -__-)

#4- The Honker

This one will take every chance he has to...honk. You're at the front of the lane...After the light turns green, you take 2 seconds to switch gears to Drive then *BEEEEEEP*. He will then speed up to get really close to you just to show he's angry you took 2 secs to move.

#5- The Box-Hogger

This one would not know what the "yellow box" is. Even if he does, he will drive up to the yellow box and...move inside, thus blocking whoever needs to pass through.

#6- The Squeezer

Doesn't care who's around him. If there's an opening into a lane, he will nudge in and WILL NOT STOP squeezing in! Everyone will be forced to give way or get their cars scratched. Squeezers usually do not signal. Just like the Diehard, also very stupid. Common among KL bus drivers.

#7- The Racer

This includes the Mat Rempits and the cheap-looking cars with the 10 feet tall spoilers and the volcano-mouth exhaust pipes. They find every moment to speed up and rev their engines.

#8- Combining all the above, you will get The Malaysia-Boleh Driver (This one is the most dangerous)

I even put the M'sian flag on the car :D

So today I met #1,3,4,5,6,7 in that 1 hour I was stuck in traffic. I beeped all of them, many times. (Do not let them have their way! If they're in the wrong and are offending you, beep 'em.)

So have you met any today?

(Whoever meets #8, ........die.)


  1. I love this post! So true! Malaysia memang boleh... =.="

    if you can survive Malaysian traffic, you can practically survive anywhere. :)

  2. Haha. Nice one!!! Should let everyone reads it!

  3. Dropping by ere .. =). Smiles for u..

  4. haha.. interesting writeup on malaysian style of driving.. i rarely meet such drivers, probably im in ipoh.. but in KL - im sure got lots of them.. =P

  5. Penang also a lot...these ppl should just go to hell

  6. Great post. This is just so accurate on the behaviors of our beloved Malaysian drivers.

    I have encounter every single one of them, including one that edge on being the #8... o.o

    This is why I'll get really fiery/pissed when driving around KL.

  7. wow..very true.. and good graphics as well
    well done..
    sadly such behaviours never changed

  8. Great post and interesting graphics! Now i'm not sure whether i ever wanna try driving at Malaysia.. hehe..

  9. I wonder why there's so little of us drivers with etiquette here in Malaysia. Sure not all Malaysians are bad/ rude drivers but after today, wow, us better drivers are like a minority.

  10. Well described!
    The one I really couldn't tolerate is honker!

    Malaysia BOLEH!!

  11. omg u r so so true! Not only malaysia, singapore also!

  12. nice one! so true that i agreed on every of the MALAYSIAN DRIVER. i met at least 1 or 2 everyday.. FML!

  13. oh wow and sigh. reading this makes me realize i do it occasionally as well. heh will change!

    Thank you for the reminder! =D

  14. @Phil: I wonder which driver you are, haha.

  15. ur article cleary shows what does the malaysian driver always do.. it is so disappointing seeing all this happends. Perhaps they need more moral education.

  16. ur article cleary shows what does the malaysian driver always do.. it is so disappointing seeing all this happends. Perhaps they need more moral education.