Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haul & Review: YSL Arty Ovale ring in Aqua

Guess what came in the mail?

Ok well the title gives it away...Yes, it is my very first YSL Arty ring and purchased for the first time on Net-A-Porter.

On Net-A-Porter (NAP), I bought mine for £174.16/ USD280 (plus £22/ USD35 shipping). This was actually a gift from my boyfriend, in the form of a gift voucher for me to use on the site. NAP ships from two locations: USA and UK, where international orders are catered for on the UK site (hence pricing in british pounds). Prior to ordering from NAP, I called the YSL boutique at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur and found out that these rings were retailing here for MYR995 (£201.8, USD325).

What about duties and taxes? Amazingly, NAP includes these in the final price of the item as part of their Delivery Duty Paid feature. Other online retailers I've checked out do not offer DDP on purchases and duties and taxes are paid by the customer when the item reaches customs. This is why I think shopping for my first Arty on NAP was such a pleasure. The ring was shipped via DHL Express and took only 3 days to reach me (from UK to Kuala Lumpur, MY). NAP also includes free returns and exchanges in every order, making it even more hassle free to shop with them.

On index finger

Loving the aqua colour. Under normal lighting it shows as more of a light jade green but when taken with flash, the blue hues of the glass stone show up clearly. The glass bauble looks exceptionally beautiful in day light. 

On middle finger (my usual finger to wear it on)

With flash

Due to the recent name change for the house of YSL to Saint Laurent Paris, a major brand overhaul is underway. Because of Mr. Slimane's drastic approach to revamping the brand, all Arty rings will be discontinued. They are still available for sale on popular online retailers like Net-A-Porter though. But by the time NAP has its year-end sale and a free shipping promo, these rings are gonna fly off the site so I'd best be prepared. I am eyeing a final Arty in Lapis or Cream to make a pair. If I was loaded though, I'd buy everything, heh. Cue meme: YSL Arty rings? Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!