Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arrived: ASOS package

I made a pretty large order on because I was lucky enough to receive a gift coupon worth £65 from someone special :) So I used it all up in one order spending it on some Asos Petite white T-shirts, a neon yellow clutch, Asos Petite jeggings and some toiletries that were on sale. 

Shipping was very fast, taking just 3 days from the UK to Malaysia. I did not pay more for express shipping and it was just the standard free shipping but with tracking. I am thinking that if an order is above a certain amount, tracking will be provided and it will be shipped faster. I am not entirely sure about this but am pretty certain that's the case because I have another package that's due and it is just a pair of shoes just under USD30. Ordered it a day before the larger haul and it still has yet to arrive + no tracking number. 

Either way I am very happy with the items and fast shipping. Will post a more detailed review on the items soon.


  1. Hey I like your blog and I have nominated you for the One Love Blog Award :) Check it out!

  2. Hi can I know if there's tax charges to Malaysia?

    1. Hi Hallan,
      I was not charged tax on the order. Any order under RM500 is customs tax-free. So if you shop at, shipping is free and there will be no Malaysian duty levied on orders under RM500. Hope this helps :)

  3. So did your shoes arrive? No hiccups I hope?

  4. i recently make a purchase in asos .. i kind of ask for the trace or tracking number ... but they reply .. there's no tracking number for delivery from UK to Malaysia ...
    I wanna know .. is it truth or just ......
    And what guarantee do i have if really so ...

  5. So did you make an order and if so, have you received your stuff? Just curious bcs i was gonna buy but hesistant bcs i read reviews on lowyat...