Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coffret D'or "Beauty Sharp Designer" Cheek Colour

Coffret D'or is one of Kanebo's makeup lines and items from the Coffret D'or brand are usually a tad more affordable than its sister line, Lunasol. Packaging however, is a whole different story with the two!

The "Beauty Sharp Designer" palette is a S/S 2011 release featuring three sets of colour bases to choose from: 01 Coral Orange, 02 Pure Pink, 03 Rose Red. There is an additional 04 Peach Beige colour that was released for the A/W lineup. I purchased 01 Coral Orange. (link- product guide & application tips on Coffret D'or site)

I've always preferred a tinge of orange and coral in my blushers because it shows up well on my fair skin and a pinky coral is very flattering and looks natural most of the time. Reddish blushers show up very harsh on my cheeks, in that the colour seems to stand out too much. So I stick to the pinks and coral-oranges. :)

Aside from the usual blusher, this palette comes with three other shades for contouring. L-R: Highlight colour, Medium colour, Shade nuance colour. These colours don't show up much, save for the highlight colour. Those with darker, tan skin may want to reconsider purchasing this product as I don't see the contouring shades doing much for you.

The brushes that come with the palette are pretty bad as they barely pick up any product. Other reviews have mentioned dismay at how sheer this blusher is BUT I believe its sheer only because the brush used is barely picking up any product! Using an angled blush brush/ universal face brush (dense & fluffy) will do the trick with the cheek colour.

The best way to have a look at the cheek colour palettes is at the Kanebo beauty counters themselves as the colours don't really show up well in these photos.

I purchased mine at the Kanebo counter at Jusco MidValley for Rm108 (USD34). Truth be told, I find Japanese blushers a tad expensive here in Malaysia because some Japanese brands like Coffret choose to sell the case separately (RM25/ USD8). So the total comes up to RM133 (USD42) just for...blush. Even a limited edition Lancome blush retails for rm120 (USD38)- case included! I don't get why they can't include the casing. High-end cosmetics companies like Chanel have sleek cases at no extra cost. What's to say for a lower end Kanebo sub-brand like Coffret?

There's always the option of going without a casing as the palette comes with its own transparent plastic casing (shown in second photo above). The cover on the plastic casing slides off and that can be very inconvenient when you're in a hurry as you risk being too frisky with the product, which may lead to some fallout.

The case is a universal eye shadow/ powder case that comes in black or white. So far, Malaysian Kanebo counters only have them in black. No problem here as I love black!

All in all, the cheek colour is a pretty pink-orange mix but the contouring shades don't do much, save for the highlighter. If you're willing to spend RM133 (USD42) on a decent cheek colour, then you may try this. Otherwise, save the money for some other blusher as you won't be using much of the lower half of this palette.

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