Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maison Lancome, 29, St. Honore Collection (Fall 2011)

I first came across this sexy, sexy blush on MyWomenStuff and something immediately possessed my thoughts, telling me I had to get it.

Well I thought of getting it because:
1) It looks nice
2) It's limited edition (Before you scoff at this, need I remind you that almost everyone would rethink a purchase if the item was limited edition? Yeah, thought so.)
3) It looks so goddamn nice.

Very pretty blush that's a combination of pink, rose, burnt coral with a gold overspray on the lamp and the Eiffel tower. I have not swatched this yet but I've seen swatches and it applies as a very sheer pink. Would be pretty on fair skin tones :)

Look at all that yummy detailing...How I'm gonna start using this is beyond me. Like, I can't just...admire it for its looks and not use it, right? Or can I...? :D

This multitasking piece of art retails at all Lancome counters for RM120 (USD38). I got mine at Jusco, MidValley. This was one of only 2 left! TWO! Damn, you Malaysian girls (and guys) are quickkk.

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