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Marena Active Wear: Power Bra & Capri Review

Calling all shape wear and exercise/ workout enthusiasts!

Have you been on a constant lookout for effective and promising shape/ active wear that tones your body while giving you a slimmer silhouette? If I have your attention, kindly read on...

Marena Shape and Active Wear was recently launched in Malaysia in December 2010. The American brand has won awards and is recognized for producing effective post-surgical comfort, shape, and active wear. Do check out their website exclusive to Malaysia: here.

I will be reviewing two garments from the Active Wear range: the Power Bra and the Capri.

I would say I'm an active person when it comes to exercising and what I wear during my workout is just as important as the activity itself. I truly believe comfort and performance can be affected by what we wear during a workout and this holds true after trying Marena's active wear.

High Impact Sports Bra- the Power Bra

If you've been to the gym, you'd perhaps notice that a good sports bra is essential for all ladies. Trust me, I've used both good and bad ones and investing in a sports bra is something that could save you from odd stares at the gym. Think about non-existent boob support when you're running and you'd get what I mean.

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When I first saw the power bra, I was skeptical because it came with no padding. How could it even work then? Oh surprisingly, it provided support and I had far less "bounce" compared to my other sports bras. There was no need for any padding too! While running, the power bra stayed firmly in place and somehow managed to mold itself to my body thanks to its unique fabric.

  • "The ComfortWeave fabric is a high performance material that stretches in every direction and molds like a second skin because it is made of a proprietary blend of INVISTA’s LYCRASOFT® and TACTEL fibers, certified as the most comfortable, best performing textile fibers available."

Compared to my existing sports bras, the Power bra definitely outperforms because:

- provides good support when running
- it holds its shape and does not stretch after multiple washes
- molds to fit the body
- no need for padding

The Power Bra retails for RM299 on (Malaysia's sole distributor of all Marena garments).

The Capri's stretchable but firm material allowed for a snug fit that was not overly tight. In all honesty, they instantly toned my legs (yes, I checked out my legs in the mirror while running) and provided for a better focused run. They didn't ride up or bunch when I was cycling and they just fit my silhouette perfectly. The material was quick to dry as well, and kept me comfortable throughout the workout.

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Now what's the difference between Marena's Capri and one from say, a sports brand?

Material, material, material.

You can feel the difference from the quality of the fabric that:
-is stretchable but molds to fit the body
-holds its shape during even high-intensity workouts
-dries very, very quickly
-instantly tones/ slims your legs + lifts your bum

The Capri retails for RM539.

Wearing the right workout attire does make a difference. Trust me.

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