Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peggle Darling

This is Peggle. He's a Red Eared Slider Turtle. He turned 1 this month and he's SO adorable. I hatched him myself a year ago. Out of about 17 eggs, only 2 hatched. The other baby died after a couple of days because it was a "premature" hatchling.
I've had Peggle's mum, Stuart (since I was 11) and Peggle's dad, Sandy (initially my bro's turtle but he's bad with pets- he was like 7 yrs old and already killed (brutally murdered *cough*, I kid) one turtle so I figured it was best if I looked after Sandy) in the same tank back in my old house and they sorta mated and Stuart laid eggs one day...MANY eggs. Took 'em and incubated them and waited patiently for 80 days. :)
Note: I named the mum Stuart because I didn't know much about this species of turtle back then and I thought it was a boy turtle, haha. Sandy, I thought was female because he started growing a longer tail and claws. In the freshwater turtle world, males generally have longer tails and claws than females that they use during the mating process. Durrr...