Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes

Read about this eye shadow palette online and later found out there was a roadshow going on at MidValley. Missed the roadshow sadly but made it to the Kanebo counter at Jusco just in time to get my paws on the most popular palette from Lunasol's A/W 2011 line- Three Dimensional Eyes in 05 Deep Beige. The one I purchased was the last remaining palette in stock at that particular Kanebo counter. Lucky me :P

I've used eye shadow palettes from other Japanese brands like Kate and Lunasol's sister line, Coffret D'or, and I find the colours very sparkly and sheer- which isn't a bad thing at all :D

This palette is my first ever purchase from Lunasol and so far I've been very pleased with the shadow's texture and how versatile the colours in this palette are! Even if the shades are the darkest in the collection, much of the colours are buildable and can take you from a subtle day look to a smokey eye.

The eye shadow collection is a series of "beige" toned palettes and 05 Deep Beige's base colour is a dark beige-grey with moss green undertones (bottom left). The base colour is a light beige that looks like a faint gold when applied (top right). The base colour blends very well with the greyish-green and when blended out properly, can give the eyes more depth and definition. The highlight section (top left) consists of three sections (L to R): shimmery silver, chalky white, off-white cream. These can be blended as one highlight colour or can be used individually. I usually use them separately.

The bottom right area also consists of three shades (L to R): matte black, shimmery grey, lighter grey. The black may appear shimmery in the picture but it is actually a matte shade when applied. Again, these three shades may be combined as a single colour for lining/ shading your lower lashline and outer eye corner OR they may be used separately.

The palette looks stunning and it being from Lunasol, costs quite a sum compared to one from the average drugstore brand. Retails at RM185/ USD59 (including case) at all Kanebo counters. Have you tried any shadows from the Lunasol Fall 2011 line?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maison Lancome, 29, St. Honore Collection (Fall 2011)

I first came across this sexy, sexy blush on MyWomenStuff and something immediately possessed my thoughts, telling me I had to get it.

Well I thought of getting it because:
1) It looks nice
2) It's limited edition (Before you scoff at this, need I remind you that almost everyone would rethink a purchase if the item was limited edition? Yeah, thought so.)
3) It looks so goddamn nice.

Very pretty blush that's a combination of pink, rose, burnt coral with a gold overspray on the lamp and the Eiffel tower. I have not swatched this yet but I've seen swatches and it applies as a very sheer pink. Would be pretty on fair skin tones :)

Look at all that yummy detailing...How I'm gonna start using this is beyond me. Like, I can't just...admire it for its looks and not use it, right? Or can I...? :D

This multitasking piece of art retails at all Lancome counters for RM120 (USD38). I got mine at Jusco, MidValley. This was one of only 2 left! TWO! Damn, you Malaysian girls (and guys) are quickkk.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lancome's Visionnaire Serum

(Update on the serum. Had to return it to Lancome)

After watching countless YouTube beauty vlogs, I have somewhat matured into a slightly more "girly" girl- well, slightly.

I crave makeup now. Sue me, it's addictive.

There's something about a fresh pan of eyeshadow or a blush with beautifully designed and intricate detailing that makes me squirm with utter joy on the inside. What have these beauty gurus done to me?!

Hence, I've gone a wee bit crazy on this month's makeup splurge- not in the number of items I got but how much I paid on this haul.

Lancome- Visionnaire Serum, RM295
Lancome- Maison Lancome blush (29, St. Honore collection), RM120
Kanebo- Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes eyeshadow quad in 05 Deep Beige, RM185
Kanebo- Coffret D'or Beauty Sharp Designer in 01 Coral Orange, RM133 (Blush-RM108, Case-RM25)

I'll cover the Visionnaire serum in this post. It's my first ever skincare product from Lancome and I got to know about it from a beauty guru's YouTube vlog (RAEview). This serum is part of Lancome's latest Visionnaire range and has been garnering a lot of hype. The serum works on all skin types, correcting uneven skin tone, fine lines and blemishes. We've all come across that before, eh? Usually empty promises on products that do jack shit but cost a bomb. So I brought my skeptical butt over to Lancome's roadshow at MidValley and requested for a Visionnaire sample.

Used it in the night. Woke up next morning. Mind was blown.

Surprisingly, the serum delivered on making my skin smoother + evening out my skin tone + reducing redness around the nose + mouth. It's effectiveness gave me goosebumps. I purchased a bottle at the roadshow and as part of the promotion (now over), you'll get a mini skincare set with a purchase over RM450.

The effectiveness of this serum may differ among individuals depending on how you care for your skin and your lifestyle though. It worked well when I was getting enough rest + drinking lots of water but in the past week, I've been a night owl and haven't stayed hydrated so the effects of this serum has been minimal. So, if you lead an already healthy lifestyle, this serum will do wonders for you. If you eat unhealthily and don't maintain regular sleep, then you may get mixed results from this. All in all, it still makes a difference in your skin's suppleness and I think RM295 isn't a hefty investment for a serum that actually works.
Visionnaire retails at Lancome counters at RM295 (USD94) for 30ml.

Update: The mineral oil in this serum has caused me to break out so I've ceased using this. Will continue with this product until my skin's normal again just to confirm if it's the mineral oil in this serum. Those of you who break out to mineral oil may want to obtain a week's worth of Visionnaire samples before purchasing the actual product.